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Lauren Gueits, founder of Airway Health Solutions, looks forward to a robust lineup of speakers, in a great city, with global experts in dentistry, medicine, and myofunctional therapy at the Airway Palooza on March 15-16, 2024.

Airway Health Solutions

March 15-16, 2024

by Lauren Gueits, BS, RDH

If you are passionate about airway health, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of experts sharing their best in a personal way, get ready for Airway Health Solutions 2024 Airway Palooza at The Ritz Carlton, New Orleans on March 15-16, 2024!

Airway Health Solutions founder Lauren Gueits hosts Airway Palooza to bring together healthcare professionals who are dedicated to exploring and integrating Airway Dentistry and Airway Health into real-life practices. The event offers top-notch education, crafted New Orleans food, open bars, and socials with music, all included in the registration fee. The inclusive setup fosters a sense of camaraderie and provides excellent networking opportunities.

Last year’s Airway Palooza sold-out. This year, you will meet an even more robust line-up, in a great city, with global experts in dentistry, medicine, and myofunctional therapy.

“Overall, well organized, great speakers! Loved speaking to the different collaborators and their passion for airway health. I can’twait for next year!”
– Courtney Guley

Let’s take a closer look at the speakers and topics for each day:

Day One – Pediatric Airway Health

Morning Session

  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Kevin Boyd, a pediatric dentist, will kick off the event with his compelling research-based talk on “Why We Must Fix Before Six.”
  • Ben Miraglia, an international educator and primary care dentist, will share impressive case studies on “Using Myofunctional Appliances for Children.”
  • Brittny Sciarra Murphy will present “Mini-Myo,” focusing on the benefits of myofunctional therapy for children under six.
  • Dr. Bret Christensen, an Airway Orthodontist, will present his 30-year experience in orthodontics, focusing on “Expansive vs Retractive Orthodontics” and why he will never extract healthy teeth.

Afternoon Session

  • Sharon Moore, a world-renowned speech language pathologist, will kick off the afternoon session with her presentation, “From Sleep Wrecked to Well Slept in 3 Steps.”
  • Dr. Shereen Lim’s presentation, titled “Breathe, Sleep, Thrive, Pediatric Case Reviews,” will provide an eye-opening look into pediatric airway health.
  • Dr. Susan Maples will close out the day with her energetic talk on the necessity of performing an “Airway Health Screening Every Day!”

“A fantastic and in-depth discussion of Air Way Dentistry with like-minded colleagues. I strongly encourage anyone with an interest to make the leap, you will not be disappointed!”
– James Segulyev, DDS

Day Two – Adult Airway Health

Morning Session

  • Dr. Jeevanan Jehandran, a world-renowned ENT, will jump start the day demonstrating through compelling case reviews, “The Power of Collaboration.”
  • Dr. Jerald Simmons, triple board certified in Sleep Medicine, Neurology, and Epilepsy, will break down the research and teach the “Connection between Bruxism and OSA.”
  • Dr. Michael Gelb, a TMD Expert, and Dr. Layne Martin, a dually trained prosthodontist/orthodontist, will co-present on “TMD and Sleep Disorders – New Treatment Options.”
  • Dr. Felix Liao, a holistic educator, will teach about Epigenetics and Adult Expansion.

Afternoon Session

  • Dr. Scott Siegel, an oral surgeon, researcher, and national educator, will share his expertise on “Demystifying Adult Frenectomies.”
  • Dr. Reza Movahed, an oral surgeon and MMA patient, will review his protocols and showcase jaw-dropping before and after case portfolios in his presentation on “When MMA Surgery is the Answer.”
  • Dr. Dave McCarty, a board-certified specialist in Sleep Medicine and author of “Empowered Sleep Apnea,” will help “Unpack the Complexities of Sleep Apnea” from the unique perspective of empowering the OSA patient.
  • Dr. Steve Carstensen, Chief Dental editor of Dental Sleep Practice and an avid champion of the ADA-backed Children’s Airway Screener Task Force, CAST, will inspire us to do our part in the airway health movement providing Updates in Airway Dentistry and Simple Actions Everyone Can (and Must) Do.
Airway Health Solutions
James Nestor & Lauren Gueits

To close out Airway Palooza we have two compelling presentations from Airway Dentists, Dr. Ratti Handa and Dr. George Rivera sharing their professional and personal growth since implementing airway dentistry into their practices.

“Left the palooza with our minds and hearts full knowing that we are not alone, just the pioneers of Airway Health.”
– Dr. Tamara Strouth

Whether you are a seasoned airway advocate or new to the field, Airway Palooza is a unique conference that promises an enriching experience. To learn more about each speaker and their topics, and to register for the event, visit or scan the QR code.

Airway Health Solutions

Airway Palooza is an essential event, offering you a unique opportunity to learn from global experts, network with like-minded professionals, and gain valuable insights and knowledge from each speaker’s expertise. Don’t miss out on this incredible event at The Ritz Carlton, New Orleans in 2024. Register now and be a part of the Airway Palooza experience!

While you are waiting to attend Airway Health Solutions Airway Palooza, check out this article by Dr. Howard Hindin on airway health and a whole body approach to patients’ health.

Lauren Gueits, BS, RDH, is a highly experienced dental professional with 30+ years of clinical and corporate dentistry experience. She is a leading advocate for disease prevention and airway health, and has received numerous awards for her commitment to making a difference in the field. Lauren is a published author, national speaker, and the founder of Airway Health Solutions (AHS), dedicated to improving patients’ breathing and overall well-being. She is also a guest faculty at New York University and serves on various dental advisory boards. You can find Lauren on Airway Health Solutions’ social media platforms and YouTube channel where she shares valuable insights on airway health.

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