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AADSM Annual Meeting will feature innovative products that maximize efficiency and quality in your practice. Read about DynaFlex and Prosomnus Sleep Technologies, and then visit their booths to find out more!


Accu-Fit – An Innovative Liner That Makes a Difference in Your Sleep Devices

Do you spend too much time trying to get your patients sleep device to fit? The overwhelming reason doctors request the Accu-Fit™ material in their sleep device is the guaranteed fit. The DynaFlex Dorsal® and Herbst® Accu-Fit™ designs fit first time, every time. No more taking an acrylic burr to your patients brand new sleep device to achieve a perfect fit. The dentist/staff places the device in preheated 160-degree water for precisely five seconds. This simple five second process guarantees a perfect fit and reduces the delivery process to just a few seconds rather than minutes.

Accu-Fit Herbst®

Besides a perfect fit, there are other benefits to the Accu-Fit™ liner. It’s great for patients who will be requiring restorative work or are in the process of having restorative work completed. This means the doctor will not have to order a new device after completed restorations. Finally, the Accu-Fit™ liner is ideal for maximizing retention and patient comfort for those patients with challenging retention and limited undercuts.

Your patient’s time is just as important as yours. Call DynaFlex® today to start using Accu-fit™ and maximizing efficiency and quality in your practice.

Visit DynaFlex at AADSM Booth No. 401

ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies

ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies will be featured again in this year’s scientific abstracts and case submission for the AADSM Annual Meeting, May 13-15 in Dallas, TX. These publications continue to demonstrate the efficacy, compliance, and effectiveness of precision Oral Appliance Therapy with lower dose and fewer side effects.


 Abstracts Include:

 The Use of a Digitally Milled Oral Appliance in the Treatment of Severe OSA
  • Featuring data from John Remmers, MD and Erin Mosca, PhD, focused on a cohort from the NOTUS trials of SEVERE patients
  • 73.2% resolved resolved at least 50% and 68.3% achieved an REI below 15.
  • This data indicates the efficacy of ProSomnus Precision OAT for severe OSA and aligns comparably with other severe treatment clearances.
The Efficacy of a Novel Iterative Advancement Device and Material
  • Multicenter consecutive series of 55 patients, featuring ProSomnus EVO™.
  • Efficacy of 85% below an AHI of 10 included a mix of mild, moderate and severe patients.

Recapturing Posterior Open Bite Using a Precision Milled MOG (Morning Occlusal Guide)

  • Case study showing the use of digital records and precision CAD/CAM were utilized to manage side effects and regain a lost MIP bite on a patient who had moved and lost their traditional MOG.

The research abstracts are available in an online supplement at aadsm.org/abstracts

Visit ProSomnus at AADSM Booth No. 201

For more information on the impact of the AADSM, read “Learning Sleep from the AADSM” by Dr. Harold A. Smith, at https://dentalsleeppractice.com/learning-sleep-aadsm/.

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