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In our AADSM Special Section, we give you a glimpse into companies specializing in oral appliance therapies, billing systems, and more to give more options to the patients in your dental sleep practice. Check it out!

New flexTAP®: Most Simple & Effective Custom TAP Oral Appliance

Looking for an easy and effective solution to your patients’ snoring and OSA? As the first customTAP with no metal parts, flexTAP is an oral appliance that is customized for personal comfort and equipped with a self-adjustor for at-home ease. Its new ThermAcryl® liner allows for easier chairside adjustments using warm water.

AADSM Special Section

flexTAP is the first of its kind to utilize our proprietary Vertex Technology® paired with the flexTAP Mouth Shield comfort accessory to promote nasal breathing, prevent dry mouth, and minimize excess saliva for extra comfort. Uniquely designed with a wide range of advancement (14mm) without the need for bite registration or exchanging hooks, Vertex Technology allows the mouth to open vertically and horizontally simultaneously during advancement of the jaw.

“Vertex Technology allows for more tongue space and minimizes jaw advancement,” says Dr. Keith Thornton, inventor of the Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP®). “Not only will this help patients achieve better treatment outcomes, but it will ease joint impact.”

flexTAP is our lowest priced custom TAP, PDAC coded (E0486) and includes a standard 3-year warranty. It is available to order through Airway Labs and participating partner labs.

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The FlexTAP

DynaFlex would like to introduce you the newest member of the TAP family; The flexTAP, now with
Vertex Technology. This is a premium lab-made custom oral appliance for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

As the first custom TAP® with no metal parts, flexTAP is an oral appliance that is customized for personal comfort and equipped with a self-adjuster for at-home ease. flexTAP’s new blue ThermAcryl liner is thinner, more durable, and easy to adjust chair side using warm water. The key to flexTAP’s success is the new patented Vertex Technology. Vertex Technology is the design of the post angulation in the flexTAP hardware. The post is angled at a 45-degree angle, allowing the patient to advance their lower jaw both vertically and horizontally at the same time.

The flexTAP is also the first custom oral appliance to include a standard nasal breathing component, the flexTAP Mouth Shield, to improve comfort and treatment outcomes. Recent literature shows nasal breathing as the proper way to breathe. The flexTAP Mouth Shield slips onto the post to increase comfort and provide better treatment outcomes. It also helps prevent dry mouth or excess saliva.

Click here to order a custom Flextap for your next patient.

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The Importance of User Experience in Dental Sleep Medicine Systems

One of my favorite sayings is “Dental Sleep Medicine isn’t difficult, it’s just different.” Most dental practices have great processes, but dental systems don’t account for the unique elements involved in dental sleep cases, mainly:

  • Collaboration with physicians for diagnosis and referrals.
  • Documentation of medical necessity.
  • Medical billing reimbursement.

So, you need a system that solves these workflow, referral, and reimbursement challenges. Simple right? Yet, many dental practices acquire a solution and struggle to adopt it and implement DSM successfully.

AADSM Special Section
Jon Nierman

Does it have to be this way? The answer is no. User experience (UX) design is a scientific field to make products efficient, rewarding, and easy to use. UX is not just about software, it is made of all the interactions a client has with a product or service.

Intuitive systems that have reliable support reduce friction and stress, enabling dental teams to succeed with dental sleep medicine and medical billing.

At Nierman Practice Management, we have re-imagined the user experience of dental sleep medicine systems with our innovative platform, DentalWriter Plus+ and Nierman Medical Billing Service. Our user-friendly cloud software and dedicated billing and client success team work together seamlessly to make it easy for your dental sleep practice.

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ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies

ProSomnus will be featured again in this year’s scientific abstracts and case submission for the AADSM Annual Meeting, May 19-20, 2023 in Philadelphia, PA. These publications continue to demonstrate the efficacy and compliance of precision Oral Appliance Therapy. Abstracts include:

Precision vs. Traditional Oral Appliance Therapy: A Comparison of Therapeutic Efficacy

  • Literature review comparing efficacy between precision and traditional oral appliances (OAs)
  • Median efficacy: 92% for precision and 75% for traditional OAs (mild/moderate OSA)

Comparison of Clinical Effectiveness and Patients’ Preference for Two Non-Invasive Treatment Options for Patients Diagnosed with Moderate to Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea: The FLOSAT Study

  • Crossover study comparing mean disease alleviation in patients using CPAP and ProSomnus EVO®
  • Preliminary results indicate that ProSomnus EVO is non-inferior to CPAP

Adverse Event Reports for CPAP, Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation and OAT Devices

  • Winner of an AADSM Clinical Research Award
  • FDA MAUDE database review of adverse events (AEs) by device type
  • In 2022, only 30 AEs were reported for OAT

OAT Device Designs Are Not the Same When it Comes to FDA Adverse Event Reports

  • FDA MAUDE database review of AEs by device material/design
  • Linerless OAs with 90° twin post mechanisms were associated with fewer AEs than other designs

AADSM Special Section

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SleepImage is the home sleep test of choice for dentists. It provides the ability to test multiple consecutive nights for efficacy studies and titrations while remaining the lowest cost home sleep test in the market. SleepImage uses a proprietary method called cardiopulmonary coupling and has been featured in over 100 peer reviewed articles. SleepImage utilizes a ring that features a single sensor and connects to a mobile application to send data to a unique cloud-based portal. SleepImage is an FDA cleared (K182618) product to diagnose sleep apnea, measure health during sleep through the sleep quality index and to manage sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea (obstructive and central) for adults and children as young as 2 years old.

AADSM Special Section

The SleepImage system has been validated against manually scored in lab PSG. The ring is comfortable for patients to wear overnight, the system works without any consumables, and can lower the costs of diagnosing sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

ADA recommends every dental practice screen for sleep-related breathing disorders as a part of the comprehensive examination, including ongoing monitoring when supplying oral appliance therapy.

For additional information on the SleepImage device and usage, please visit www.sleepimage.com

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End-to-end HST Solution for Sleep Dentistry

VirtuOx has developed the only end-to-end solution for sleep dentistry that simplifies the testing and treatment pathway from OSA diagnosis through titration of your patient’s new oral appliance.

Dentists utilize our telemedicine platform to easily refer their patients to board certified sleep physicians who will order home sleep apnea tests and prescribe oral appliances.

AADSM Special Section

Dentists are provided with NightOwl® Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) devices on consignment (no cost to the dentist) to send home with their patients. These disposable sensors allow the patient to test both with and without a dental device for up to 10 nights. The first 1-2 nights of testing will be used by VirtuOx to diagnose sleep apnea.¹ Once the patient is fitted with their custom oral appliance, the dentist may reuse the NightOwl for repeat tests to titrate the device to an optimal setting. A final efficacy test, as recommended by the AADSM, will then be completed by VirtuOx.¹

Dentists have full visibility into this entire patient journey through our HIPAA secure platform.

  1. VirtuOx is Medicare certified and in-network with all major medical insurance plans. All tests performed by VirtuOx include an interpreted report by a sleep physician.

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ZOLL® Itamar®

ZOLL® Itamar®, a division of ZOLL® Medical, is a leading company in sleep apnea diagnosis and pioneering innovative sleep apnea management programs for patients and healthcare professionals.

Our mission is to improve access to the millions of undiagnosed sleep apnea patients with diagnostic testing and cardio sleep solutions through our breakthrough WatchPAT® products and services.AADSM Special Section

Itamar® Medical was founded in 1995 and acquired by ZOLL® in 2021.

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After reading about how the companies in our AADSM Special Section can improve your dental sleep therapies and office strategies, check out the article “Learning Sleep from AADSM” at https://dentalsleeppractice.com/learning-sleep-aadsm/ to find out more about what AADSM can do for you.

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