A Success Story

by Béatrice Robichaud

Panthera SleepIn 2012, Panthera Dental started to offer the D-SAD™ appliance as the newest generation of full CAD/CAM appliances. In 2016, the success of the appliance was such that Panthera launched Panthera Sleep, an entire division fully dedicated to dental sleep medicine. As a sleep dentist, you want to offer your patients the very best. If you are looking to switch from an acrylic appliance, or trying to find an alternative for a discontinued appliance such as the ResMed Narval CC, you can stop searching: Panthera Sleep is your partner of choice.

Panthera appliances are the only sleep appliances designed to resist heavy bruxism. Our products come with a wide range of customization options to meet the needs of all types of patients and morphologies. You can choose from our selection of several different bands and plateaus to increase the general efficacy and comfort of the appliances. Our titration systems offer a wide range of possibilities and can go backward or forward by 0.5 mm increments simply by replacing parts for longer or shorter ones, ranking them among the most precise titration mechanisms of the industry. All our appliances are FDA, CE and Health Canada approved.
Panthera Sleep
What defines a good appliance is not limited to how comfortable, light and small it is, but also encompasses the great customer service required to assist you in all situations. Panthera Dental has always prioritized helping our client dentists. Obviously, the efficacy of the appliance needs to be up-to-date and consistent. In order to continually improve our appliances, Panthera Dental works with renowned sleep dentists, who provide scientific research and clinical testing. It’s a lot of energy and effort, but we believe it is part of our ‘why.’

If you are interested in learning more about Panthera products, we invite you to contact us or to take part in one of the numerous training classes offered by many well-known sleep dentists. For a complete list, visit www.pantherasleep.com.
Read more about the possibilities in “Panthera Dental Creates Panthera Sleep, a New Division Specialized in Sleep-Related Products and Solutions.” 

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