Dental CE Webinar
The 7 Ways Dentists FAIL at Sleep Medicine
& Your First 300 Patients

Presented by:
Brett Brocki, Founder & CEO of N3Sleep & DreamSleep

Dental Sleep Webinar N3sleep April 2021

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About The Webinar

Brett Brocki, CEO and Founder of N3Sleep dives into the 7 most common ways that Dentists fail when implementing a sleep medicine program. He also outlines where to find your first 300 sleep patients.

At the completion of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Understanding the 7 most common pitfalls in dental sleep medicine
  • Understanding how to overcome each of these pitfalls
  • Where to find the first 300 sleep patients for your practice

About The Presenter

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Brett is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DreamSleep and N3Sleep. Brett has been in the dental industry since birth. His mother was the former head dental assistant at Fort Bragg and Brett has seen the inside of thousands of dental practices, including civilian, military and hospital practices. His expertise in business, finance and dental have given him exposure and unrivaled capabilities to truly bring the right picture together for overall health and wellness. Brett has truly developed a multidisciplinary team with the tools to connect the Medical and Dental professionals into one cohesive business unit.

About the Sponsor

N3Sleep is the consulting division of DreamSleep, a nationwide network of dentists and physicians committed to saving lives affected by Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Our mission is to educate, train and enable dentists to provide oral appliance therapy. We want to change how Obstructive Sleep Apnea is treated in the dental and medical communities - moving away from a transactional model towards a long-term coalition. We will do this by educating and training dentists, providing the necessary tool and forging connections with physicians.

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