2024 – Appreci-8 Your Potential

Lisa Moler says that in numerology, all the numbers in 2024 add up to it being a good year to reach your potential, both personally and professionally.

Reach your potential
Lisa Moler
Founder/CEO, MedMark Media

Numerology is the study of numbers that deal with their mystical meaning and effect on our lives. When you think of all of the numbers that surround us every day – our dates of birth, other special dates, births, anniversaries, and deaths of those near and dear to us, even your home address can have a deeper meaning. No better time to think about the power of numbers than this year. Add up the numbers in our new year, 2024, and the result is the number 8. Turn the number 8 on its side, and you get the infinity symbol – this year, you can harness the power of 8 – when opportunities to reach goals in our personal and private lives can be limitless.

A little numerology research on the number 8 shows that it represents the achiever and goal-reacher. The number symbolizes good sense, a powerful presence, and strong success drive. Balance is also a hallmark of the number 8, as reflected in its symmetrical shape that promotes stability, potential, and productivity. The number 8 is ruled by the planet Saturn (as is the zodiac sign, Capricorn). Traits of this planet are perseverance and ambition, so during 2024, our “8” year, we should strive to find our places as strong leaders ready to transform our plans and words into actions.

For this Spring 2024 issue, we want to help turn your plans into prosperity with our clinical articles and marketing expertise. In our Cover Story, dental sleep health meets collaboration, as Dr. Ashley Spooner incorporates Panthera Dental appliances, processes, and workflows into her DSM options at her initiative, Dynamic Dental Sleep, LLC. Our Continuing Education article, by Dr. Amalia A. Geller, explores disorders that cause abnormal movements during sleep, and how collaboration can lead to effective solutions. In her Practice Management column, Emma Cooksey suggests that combining therapies, like her CPAP and an oral appliance, or collaborating with other specialists may provide better outcomes for patients.

What can you do to make the most of your “8” year? Keep achieving, be strategic, and fiercely tenacious. Be a leader, but listen to your team and let them know that the most fulfilling achievements are the ones that you reach together. Give back when you can because the karma of the number 8 is connected to the infinite balance between success and gratitude. And remember like the balanced number 8, to make time for personal life, even while you pursue professional success. 2024 is the year to turn your potential into prosperity.


With appreci-8-tion for success in 2024,

Lisa Moler

Strong branding is one way to reach your potential patients and expand your practice. Read “Sleep Marketing Tips Not for the Faint of Heart” here: https://dentalsleeppractice.com/sleep-marketing-tips-not-for-the-faint-of-heart/

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