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The Kids Are Alright…With Your Help

It seems like kids are popping ADHD meds like Pez, but what if sleep disordered breathing is at the root of many of these issues? What if proper screening and early intervention by dental teams can help positively impact kids’ sleep, cognitive behaviors, and overall health? Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing is a hot topic in dentistry today. Yes, lives can be saved and future generations can be reared to live healthier lives…BUT what is the business case? Dr. Jill Ombrello …

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Mark Murphy: COVID-19 & Dental Sleep Medicine; What Should We Do?

Sadly, the novel coronavirus pandemic continues its life-threatening devastation across the globe. Mark Murphy, DDS has immersed himself in monitoring the pandemic’s trajectory, becoming Dental Sleep Medicine’s version of Tony Fauci.   In this timely episode, Dr. Murphy & the ZZZ Pack discuss current COVID-19 statistics, models regarding its spread, the importance of gratitude, and he shares the steps he’s taking to continue safely treating patients with Oral Appliance Therapy.   This episode provides fantastic, actionable information and DSM guidance …

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Greg Behrendt “He’s just not that into you”, but he’s totally into the ZZZ Pack!

During this very serious and challenging time in our lives, we thought it was perfect timing to bring a little comedy and light-hearted humor to the ZZZ Pack! Let’s all take 40 minutes to unwind, relax, and laugh! We talk with Greg about his NY Times Bestselling book, “He’s Just Not That Into You”, sleeping in awkward hotel rooms, stand up comedy, how does someone sleep “wrong”?! and many more riveting factoids. This one is probably best listened to with …

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The Future of DSM – Mic Drop

Like the famous rapper, our guest’s initials are M and M. He’s also from Michigan and come to think of it, I’ve never seen Mark Murphy, DDS and Eminem in the same room. Are they one and the same? Mark Murphy, DDS aka Murph Doggy Dogg, aka The Silver Fox channels Eminem, Tone Loc, and Sir Mix-A-Lot…in the 1st 3 minutes. Then he gets down with The ZZZ Pack to discuss how to close more oral appliance cases, transition to …

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Why Can’t We Clone Jagdeep?

You’ll have a hard time finding a physician that advocates Oral Appliance Therapy with the alacrity of Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD. He can’t do cartwheels, but he shares some thought-provoking perspectives on the quest to improve multi-disciplinary collaboration, patient shame regarding CPAP non-adherence, and the future of telemedicine in sleep medicine.   This episode is brought to you by: Physicians have reservations about Oral Appliance Therapy and, historically, they have had good reasons. Unhygienic appliances, poor efficacy, discomfort, side effects and …

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The Billing Oracle Speaks

Randy Curran, commonly known as the “Bald Oracle of Billing” has touched more medical claims for oral appliance therapy than anyone in the United States. Hear what’s new in the world of medical billing for dental practices from the only dude holding a professional license to ill.       Chris Farley reference “Fat guy in a little coat”, photo proof below! This episode is brought to you by: Airway Management has been the leader in oral appliance sleep care …

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